Sofa Cum Bed

Sofa cum bed online is the vital part of living rooms because of its attractive look, space saving furniture, multi utility and storage functionality. Perhaps, this is the only reason people prefer sofa bed over the usual sofa sets. This adorable sofa bed with storage is used for the purpose of storage, thus clearing space.

SOFA Cum Bed

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A sofa-cum-bed is the best alternative when you require a steel or metal sofa that occupies less space. At the same time, it will also be sufficient to accommodate extra members or guests who come for a stay at your place. For these reasons, this furniture becomes the right option. At AM Furniture, you can find wide range of modern, fabric, leather and metal sofa-cum-beds.

The hydraulically uplift-able chaise provide an immense storage for pillows, blankets and whatnot. In a fraction of seconds, you can roll out the extra bed section, to make a cozy and commodious double bed for sleeping. It is more like a guest room camouflaged in the middle of your room.